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Updated : Jan 23, 2020 in casino games

Launch of Peter Schmechel

Launch of Peter Schmechel For a long time, it has been the world’s leading online gambling service provider. The casino offers multilingual gaming services as well as multiple products such as sports, e-sports, progressive slots, casinos, poker, and more

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Launch of Peter Schmechel casino, British Isles’ leading online gambling business announces the opening of former legendary goalkeeper Peter Schmeichel, who will join the brand as an ambassador for the brand

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Speaking of one of the best goalkeepers of all time, the legendary “Giant” Peter Schmeichel knows no one. His “Red Devils” for Red has been In 8 years, he has won many different projects, including being the captain of the winning team. The Triple Championship was excellent in and was also the Danish national football team in theĀ  Champions Cup, the first championship of the Danish national team.

Former Danish legend will help promote and promote the casino brand throughout Asia through the experience and success of bringing various trophies throughout the football game. Share with us insights on upcoming European football 2020, including Scheme. We will join the casino in exclusive events hosted by the casino.


Peter Schmeichel said: “I am honored to be chosen as the casino Brand Ambassador. Of course, I can feel that the casino is a great brand. As a brand success, I am very excited. casino Ambassador this time”

casino managing director Nigel Singer added: “We are delighted that Peter Schmeichel is participating as a brand ambassador for the casino.

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Lars Hyde Reich, Managing Director of Mediapro said: “We are excited to be part of this partnership. Which will focus more on the brand? We hope to have a great time and benefit all casino members.”

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